Does Melatonin Have a Direct Relation with Menstruation?

The natural hormone melatonin is produced in the pineal gland.  Basically, this is responsible for the regulation of sleep cycles and also plays significant roles in various functions of the body like temperature and immunity. There are studies which are documented that melatonin and menstruation have correlations but the precise effect of melatonin on women’s menstrual period is still under investigation. Women with regular menstrual cycles do not show essential change in melatonin throughout the cycle. However, in women with menstrual problems, the melatonin levels may vary. Furthermore, women with premenstrual syndrome may have unusually high or low melatonin levels during the two weeks before the start of menstruation. When the levels of melatonin are low, the intake of melatonin for sleep supplements can be helpful in alleviating PMS while the symptoms are present. Make sure to consult to consult a physician for the right melatonin dosage so as to prevent possible melatonin side effects. In addition, the intake of melatonin as well as progesterone simultaneously can effectively eliminate in women who are affected with premenstrual syndrome. If the levels of melatonin are high, the use of bright light therapy can help reduce melatonin levels and improve the symptoms of PMS.

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