Effects of Melatonin Supplements in Breast Cancer Patients

While undergoing the treatment for breast cancer, my good friend had difficulty sleeping and experienced hot flashes, anxiety and discomfort from the chemotherapy port as well as the breast tissue expander. All in all, this prevented her from getting a relaxed and peaceful sleep. I suggested that she bring the matter to her oncologist and then true enough, the doctor suggested that she takes melatonin for sleep. Since prescription is not necessary, she decided to give it a try.  For six years now, my friend is still taking melatonin supplements to promote sleep without having to worry about the melatonin side effects.  Even in low melatonin dosage, this hormone supplement is still effective. Aside from that, we both learned that melatonin will actually slow the growth of some forms of breast cancer and would also be helpful in preventing the reduction of platelet counts.  Although, the intake of melatonin supplements is beneficial for my friend, it may be possible that not everybody can take advantage of its benefits. A visit to the doctor can help you make the decision of using it for your own good.

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