How an Individual Can Increase His Levels of Melatonin

It can be possible to increase the low levels of melatonin and restore them to normal levels. Levels of melatonin are usually affected by light. If you are out in the sunlight, it can naturally increase the amounts of melatonin. There are also several foods such as cottage cheese, tuna, soy nuts and oatmeal which are known to increase the levels of melatonin in our bodies. Moreover, melatonin can be found in the form of dietary supplements called melatonin sleep aid . The melatonin dosage which is required can vary from one person to another. The use of these supplements must be discussed with a healthcare specialist before the person begins its consumption.  Excessive dosage of these supplements can lead to some harmful melatonin side effects. In addition to these melatonin supplements, melatonin can also be regulated within the body by way of some daily routines. For one, you should have regular intake of meals in order to stabilize the natural rhythm of the body. You should also avoid the use of stimulants like coffee and other products that contain caffeine.  Heavy meals should also be avoided late at night since your digestive system will have a hard time processing it.

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