Is Melatonin Effective In Controlling Weight Gain, Obesity And Heart Diseases?

According to the researchers from the University of Granada, melatonin is extremely helpful in controlling unnatural weight gain without the necessary reduction of food consumption. Melatonin for sleep supplements were also found out not only to be effective in promoting deep sleep which is very critical in the systemic repair of various functions in the body. But it is also beneficial in improving blood lipid profiles in order to lower levels of triglycerides, oxidized the LDL cholesterol as well as to boost the amounts of HDL cholesterol.  The significance of seven to nine hours of restful sleep is paramount to enhance vibrant health. But despite their effectiveness, melatonin supplements should be taken according to the suitable melatonin dosage to prevent harmful melatonin side effects. In addition, recent research has demonstrated that melatonin is capable of exerting its control over different metabolic functions which will determine accumulation of fats and lipid so that cardiovascular diseases can be prevented. Aside from the melatonin supplements, you can also obtain natural melatonin from some fruits and vegetables such as almonds, sunflower seeds, cardamom, cherries, mustard and many more.

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