Is Melatonin Really Effective for the Treatment of Insomnia?

Melatonin is produced by the body and is thought to be helping the body in signaling when would be the time to sleep and the time to get up. Greatest amounts of melatonin will be generated by the body during the childhood days and once puberty hits, the amounts produced by the body will begin to decrease. It has been presumed that supplements like melatonin for sleep can be extremely helpful for treating sleep disorders such as insomnia. Unlike the conventional sleeping pills, melatonin will not be able to induce sleep by instead will regulate the body’s clock so that the person can sleep better. Nevertheless, despite several successful studies, not all experts endorse melatonin as a sleep aid. Some say that using melatonin properly as a sleeping aid will turn out to be a delicate balance. Taking the supplement should be in the correct melatonin dosage so that potential melatonin side effects will be unlikely. Although, the intake of melatonin can be good for people suffering from insomnia, it would also be good for that person to make some changes with his way of living so that proper sleeping time is achieved.

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