Melatonin and its benefits

Melatonin is popularly recognized as a form of sleep enhancer. This is a natural substance that is secreted in the pineal gland which is a pea-sized structure located deep in the brain. Its basic role is in regulating the sleep wake cycle. Frequent travelers who would experience jet lag and people who suffer from sleep disorders like insomnia can prove to the wonders of melatonin as a form of natural sleep aid.

But animal experiments show that melatonin can cause a considerable increase by 20 percent in their lifespan. Mice who received melatonin have become plumper with their furs silkier and have become more active when compared to normal mice their age.
Scientists consider that the delay in the process of aging has something to do with the effect of melatonin in the immune system of the body. This enhances the immune system of the body by acting as an antioxidant which will look for cell damaging compounds known as free radicals that occur naturally. Their presence can result to cataracts, heart diseases and other degenerative changes which are age-related.

Moreover, melatonin can affect the internal timing mechanisms of the body. Drs. William Regelson and Walter Pierpaoli who are the renowned authors of the book Melatonin Miracle think that melatonin has the capacity to reset the aging clock of the body. The body’s aging clock is the pineal gland from which melatonin is excreted and acts as its messenger. It is the pineal gland which constantly monitors the signs of decline of the body. As people age, the body’s levels of melatonin will reduce and that will be the time when we start to shown serious signs of aging.

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