Melatonin and Its Recommended Dosage for Effective Treatment

Melatonin is a kind of hormone which occurs naturally in the human bodies, animals, plants as well as in some microorganisms. Levels of melatonin which circulate in the bloodstream vary during various times of the day in order to ensure that the circadian rhythm of a person will not be disrupted. Melatonin for sleep is already available in the form of supplements which will help for the treatment of various circadian rhythm disorders, malignancies, neurologic disorders and a lot more. Nonetheless, what some people worry about is the melatonin dosage. Given that this supplement can be obtained over-the-counter, some persons will tend to medicate on their own with the use of this supplement and oftentimes, this will backfire. Valuable information regarding the dosage can be obtained from clinical studies and through practical experience with this hormone supplement. For a good number of patients, doses that range from 0.3 to 5 mg once on a daily basis and taken at night will possibly work well. But it is advisable to try melatonin for the first time during bedtime. In addition, dosage of melatonin in children should not exceed 3 mg for effectiveness and to avoid severe melatonin side effects.

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