Melatonin and Pregnancy

Although melatonin is safe and effective for treating sleeping disorders, there are instances where we cannot use melatonin for safety reasons. Melatonin is naturally present in our body because the pineal gland produces it everyday. Natural does not necessarily mean that it is always safe to use melatonin. It is generally advisable not to take melatonin supplements if you are pregnant or if you are planning to get pregnant.

Effects of Melatonin on Pregnancy

Several hormones play a major role in pregnancy. Progesterone, oxytocin, estrogen, luteinizing hormone and others needs to be in balance so that the mother and the baby remain healthy. The use of melatonin supplements can alter the balance of these hormones; this can lead to possible complications. published a note that high levels of melatonin through the use of melatonin supplements may cause developmental disorders in an unborn child.

Effects of Melatonin on Fertility

The use of melatonin supplements might also make it difficult to achieve pregnancy. Taking melatonin supplements may cause other hormones to shift away from their regular cycles, making pregnancy more difficult. Medline Plus reports that ovulation might be affected taking melatonin supplements. Men who are taking melatonin supplements may have decreased sperm count and motility.

Warning and Considerations

You should not take melatonin supplements if you are pregnant or if you are trying to become pregnant. Lactating mothers should not use melatonin supplements because it can be transferred to the baby via breast milk. Ask your doctor about sleep aids that are safe to use during pregnancy.

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