Melatonin Benefits

Melatonin is a substance that occurs naturally and is synthesized from serotonin and then produced by the pineal gland. Production of melatonin is highest at night and will basically signal the body that it would be time to sleep. This means that melatonin deals with the person’s perceptions and the natural reaction to night and daytime.  Persons suffering from insomnia naturally are deficient with the natural substance. Therefore, their bodies will not be able to shift into restful sleep phase at night. A good melatonin sleep aid which can be obtained over the counter has real sleep regulating melatonin.

Prior to the age of industrialization, the disappearance of sunlight was an adequate signal for the pineal gland to produce melatonin to induce sleep. Getting enough sleep is important because it is through sleep that the body can be able to repair itself. Aside from its sleep inducing properties, it is believed that melatonin can also fight free radicals during the night while the person in sleeping. This is the reason why sleep is very important and the reason why insomniacs require a melatonin sleep aid in order to have good health.

There are evidences which suggest that several people are responsible for the increased need for melatonin sleep aid. Nature has provided us with enough capabilities to produce melatonin. Yet, there are some circumstances which promote the need for a melatonin sleep aid.

Other factors which can reduce melatonin production are illnesses and old age. But man-made causes such as stressful life conditions and lifestyles can decrease the levels of melatonin.  Irregular sleep patterns because of long working hours, modern lifestyles and stressful occupations will all impede the normal production of melatonin that will create the need for a melatonin sleep aid.

Consuming a safe and trusted melatonin sleep aid can be helpful for an insomniac to get enough sleep.  A melatonin sleep aid does not only promote sleep. This also reinforces the capacity of the body to produce more of its own melatonin again. This would mean that the melatonin sleep aid works exactly on the opposite direction as addiction. Remember that the more you use a good melatonin product, the lesser you will require it in the future. One good thing about melatonin product is the fact that it has no negative side effects. This will even promote better immunity.

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