Melatonin – Getting To Know Its Features and Benefits

Chemically, melatonin is known as N-acetyle-5-methoxytryptamine which will occur naturally in animals, microbes and plants. In animals, this hormone is present in circulating levels and will vary in the daily cycle which will allow the entrainment of the circadian rhythms of some biological functions. Lots of biological effects of melatonin are generated by way of activation of melatonin receptors while there are some because of their function as pervasive and potential antioxidant along with a specific role in protecting both nuclear and mitochondrial DNA. In human beings, melatonin is secreted in the blood through the pineal gland located in the brain. This is also referred to as the hormone of darkness considering that more of its production is done when it gets dark. Products which contain melatonin are already available as melatonin for sleep supplements and also as a form of dietary supplement. Take note that if these supplements are taken for a short period of time and based on the right melatonin dosage, this will only cause a few melatonin side effects. This is probably the reason why some countries require a prescription for this supplement.

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