Melatonin Reviews

Personally, I have tried the NOW Melatonin brand and it works for me. Of course other reputable brands of melatonin are equally effective. Here are some melatonin reviews from the different brands of Melatonin. The melatonin reviews below are coming from website and they are actual comments from online shoppers of melatonin.

Natrol Melatonin

“I have heard that melatonin doesn’t work on some people, but it definitely works on me. Its effects are slightly more subtle than you might expect. It is much more pleasant in comparison to other chemicals. I do have to take 6 mg, but I am a big guy.”

”The best part, by far, is that there is no hangover or tiredness the next morning. I can take two and won’t feel terrible if I get only 6 hours of sleep”

“This can certainly put you to sleep and keep you asleep. It also gives me a TON of dreams and I always wake up feeling refreshed and without any hangover. I do not recommend taking more than the recommended dose because you may wake up in the middle of the night, for me this is usually cause by intense dreaming. 1.5mg or less may even be enough for some people.”

“I believe the results of taking the Melatonin help to promote a regular sleep cycle for me. I highly recommend it but I do realize that it does not work for everyone.”

“I haven’t tried other Melatonin sleep aids so my experience is only with Natrol melatonin. I have found that 3mg is too high of a dose for me so I cut the tabs in half and only take 1.5mg at a time.”

Schiff Melatonin Plus 3 mg Melatonin with 25 mg Theanine

“I’d complained that I was getting to sleep easily but wasn’t staying asleep and a friend recommended Melatonin. I tried this combo (got it at the natural foods dept of my local Fred Meyer store) and was pleasantly surprised at how it worked.”

“I’ve tried other melatonin products , but this works best for me. Just be sure to let it completely melt in your mouth and be ready to go to sleep. It works fast!”

“This is my personal favorite Melatonin. It seems to work for me better than any other melatonin product that I’ve tried. Must be the L-Theanine that it has. I let it melt in my mouth for faster results. You have to be really ready to go asleep, say like in 30 minutes or less. It doesn’t leave you groggy in the mourning if you take it this way.”

“For years I’ve slept badly: waking up too early and not being able to fall back to sleep, feeling restless, often feeling uncomfortable and fidgety. The other day I saw Melatonin Plus on sale, 2 for 1, and decided to try it. The very first night I slept right through to a reasonable hour, then woke up feeling truly relaxed and almost dreamy. And so it’s been for two weeks now. Great sleep, a pleasantly mellow feeling when I wake up, and I feel comfortable as I lie there, instead of restlessly trying to find a comfortable position.”

“I hope this is 100% natural because it works better than sleeping pills. It helps me falls asleep and it doesn’t give me the drowsiness affect the next day. I highly recommend this product.”

Source Naturals Melatonin 2.5mg

“1 time, I fell asleep well and felt great the day after; my muscles were especially relaxed compared to stiff shoulder i would feel. but more times, I would not be able to fall asleep. Rather, I would get colorful closed-eye vision… so far after 8 tablets, I got to admit that I am disappointed.”

“I have a chronic insomnia problem and I find that melatonin helps. Keep in mind that it will not help if you have something seriously wrong with you such as a chronic pain problem that is keeping you awake. It’s not strong enough to overcome that. But it does help with jet lag and it does help with some sleep conditions. You must use it correctly; unfortunately some physicians write that you only need the tiniest dose; others write that you need a higher dose.”

“I’ve tried one other brand of Melatonin and it didn’t work for me. This brand is very good and it also has a pleasant orange flavor. Follow directions as stated on the bottle. I get really good sleeps when I use this. It is my understanding that melatonin, if taken every night, will stop working after a few months. I use it occasionally, sometimes for a week at a time. I’m very happy with this product – and it is natural, not a prescription drugs, which is a big plus.”

“I have extreme insomnia; I’ve tried every kind of sleep technique out there and nothing has ever worked for me, until I tried this Melatonin. As long as I’m making an effort to fall asleep, this stuff has put me to sleep most of the time. It won’t knock you out like certain drugs can, but if it’s dark and quiet, you will definitely fall asleep with this stuff within 30 minutes, just make sure you don’t swallow any of it; just dissolve under your tongue completely.”

“I occasionally take one of these when I really want a good nights sleep. This product worked great for me. I can totally feel it in a matter of 15-20 minutes. My eyes start getting heavy and I know I’m about to fall asleep. I only take one tablet, I’m 5″11 and 170 lbs.”

NOW Foods Melatonin 3mg Chewable

“The best thing with chewable is if I wake up in the middle of the night I can chew 1.5 mg without leaving bed and waking all the way up… Bliss. Also, I use several Now supplements and have been happy with the strength & quality.”

“I have a ten year old son who is autistic. He has always had trouble falling asleep, despite our best efforts with sleep routines. Although he slept through the night it clearly was not enough -he was up too late. I hated to see him stumble around every morning. We tried melatonin and from the first night it worked like magic. He falls asleep in what I would call a normal fashion -he gets quiet but doesn’t seem loopy or drugged.”

“I have tried many different brands of Melatonin over the years – this one works great without the sugar that most have. The other good brand is Trader Joes – cheap and work well except loaded with sugar.”

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