Melatonin sleep aid: Melatonin supplements are great for sleeping problems

If you find it difficult to fall asleep, you might want to consider using melatonin as a sleep aid. This is a type of hormone which occurs naturally and secreted by the pineal gland which is situated at the center of the brain. This hormone can assist in the sleep cycle regulation which is often called the circadian rhythm. This is 24 hour time cycle of the body which controls the time for the person to sleep and be awake. As soon as it gets dark, melatonin is released and when there is light, this can be suppressed. Studies have shown that as we continue to produce melatonin all through our lifetime, the production will become slow as people get older. This is the reason why younger people have fewer problems with sleep.

Furthermore, melatonin is available in synthetic form that is produced in laboratories. You will be able to purchase melatonin sleep aids as well as supplements in various drugstores and health food outlets without the need for prescription. The FDA has allowed the sale of melatonin supplements as forms of dietary supplements because of the fact that melatonin can also occur naturally in some foods. Besides the fact that melatonin is extremely effective in the treatment of sleep delays, this can also be used in alleviating and preventing sleep issues because of jet lag. Melatonin doses could vary from one person to another and come in different doses. It is recommended that you begin with the smallest amount and increase it if it is necessary. This supplement must be taken during the night approximately thirty minutes prior to bedtime.

So far, no governmental regulatory body has confirmed about the safety of melatonin even if it is an over-the-counter supplement and is available in the market for many years now. One concern is that there is no information available regarding any kind of interaction which would occur with other medications. Melatonin must only be used by adults. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding or anybody who has several other medical issues like epilepsy and diabetes must also avoid the use of melatonin. If you are not certain, do not hesitate to contact a medical professional.

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