Melatonin sleeping pills

If ever you wonder what exactly melatonin is, this is a natural hormone which is secreted by the pineal gland each night. This helps shift the biorhythms into a relaxed state making sleep comes easily. Melatonin was first discovered in 1950s and was approved for over-the-counter selling as a form of dietary supplement in 1994. When combined with other natural herbs, melatonin sleeping pills can be the natural cure for people with insomnia and other ailments. Its desired effect can be strengthened by darkness and can be weakened by the presence of light.

As humans age, the body will produce less melatonin for sleep and will cause the people to suffer from sleeplessness as well as other illnesses. The production of melatonin by the pineal gland is slowed down by changing the work shifts as well as stress and drastic changes to the body clock brought about by traveling across numerous time zones. Melatonin sleeping pills are helpful in relieving occasional bouts of insomnia and can provide sleep that is restful and natural. The instructions for the usual dosage require the person to take the supplement with an empty stomach approximately three hours prior to the usual bedtime. Some would suggest that taking it an hour before going to bed is better. You may experiment and determine the time frame which will work best for you.

Moreover, melatonin is known to reduce the toxicity of amyloid protein which occurs in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. This can reduce the oxidative damages due to Parkinson’s and other diseases and could help counteracting brain problems which are caused by low flow of blood or poor oxygenation. As a result, any possible brain damage due to many toxins is decreased. It also helps patients with asthma to sleep more soundly by making the muscles relaxed and reduce the inflammation which can affect breathing. Several common sleeping disorders like sleep apnea can usually occur due to breathing problems.

Side effects of melatonin sleeping pills are somehow less disturbing when compared to the pharmaceutical sleep aids. Vivid dreams have been previously mentioned. Grogginess in the morning can be the result of doses more than 1 mg. Chronic use of melatonin will have an effect on the sexual performance of a person and for some people, there is reduction of interest. But melatonin does not appear to cause memory loss just like the numerous pharmaceutical treatments. Overdosing will not possibly become dangerous if done on a one-time basis. Even blood pressure can be improved with use.

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