Melatonin Supplement – The Natural and Affordable Sleep Aid

I had my personal experience with melatonin supplements when a certain story was printed in Newsweek a few months ago.  The story publicized the possible health benefits of melatonin and cited the components of the capsule to be an antidote for some diseases and an effective remedy for anti-aging. I was deeply intrigued with the story and before I realized, I was already one of the people who created the melatonin madness. It did not take very long before most health stores are selling the melatonin supplements while people were rushing out to purchase the products eagerly. There was even a huge drug store which claimed to sell as many as six thousand bottles within a day. As the melatonin mania increased, so did the uncontrollable health claims. Soon enough, melatonin was already used as a form of antidote for almost anything from aging, cancer to autism. The natural hormone was considered to be the hottest stuff since the launching of Prozac. I consulted my doctor about it for the reason that I want to use it to relieve myself from frequent jet lags. Of course, I want to maintain my youthfulness as well. My doctor discussed the possible melatonin side effects and gave me the right melatonin dosage which is just suitable for me.  Though, I have stopped the use of melatonin, I could proudly say that it was effective and really made my sleeping pattern back on track.

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