Other Possible Associations of Melatonin with Various Conditions in Women

At the start of menses in females, there have been documented evidences which showed a positive correlation between low levels of melatonin as well as the onset of puberty in women. This is linked to lower than the average production of melatonin. Based on a British study of Dr. Aric Sigman, he stated that girls who keep on watching more television will likely begin with their puberty at an early age since frequent exposure to bright lights from the TV can reduce the level of melatonin in the body. On the other hand, women who are suffering from secondary amenorrhea may have high levels of melatonin. Also, hormones such as estrogen and melatonin will fluctuate unpredictably during the perimenopausal phase in which there is transition from the usual menstruation period to menopause. The role of melatonin including its effect on women is not fully understood yet.  Melatonin may contain properties which will reduce the levels of estrogen because a woman with low estrogen levels has less melatonin levels and vice versa. The use of melatonin for sleep supplements for the treatment of different conditions in women can actually be effective. This is done by affecting the natural levels of estrogen in the body. Take note, however, that it is important to know the right melatonin dosage to keep possible melatonin side effects at bay.

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