Sublingual Melatonin

Sublingual melatonin is specially formulated so that it can be quickly absorbed under the tongue. By using sublingual melatonin, we can bypass the stomach which slows down the absorption of melatonin. Regular melatonin supplements are sold in tablets, gelatin capsules or softgels. All of these forms require adequate digestion and absorption in the digestive system. Digestion takes time and so is the absorption of melatonin.

The use of sublingual melatonin will make the effects of melatonin noticeable in less than an hour. This is very useful if you are in a hurry to get a good night sleep. Sublingual melatonin is available as sublingual liquid, sublingual tablet and sublingual lozenge. Sublingual liquid melatonin is generally packaged in a plastic bottle with dropper. The typical melatonin dosage contained in one dropper is from 1mg to 3mg. It is also flavored and sweetened to mask the taste of melatonin.

Sublingual melatonin tablets are flavored tablets which dissolve faster compared to regular melatonin tablets. It is available in flavored and unflavored version. Sublingual melatonin tablets are also cheaper compared to sublingual liquid melatonin and sublingual melatonin lozenge.

Sublingual melatonin lozenge is generally manufactured with sweeteners and flavoring. The most common flavor for sublingual melatonin is orange. When using melatonin for children, flavored sublingual melatonin is easier to administer because most kids love candies and sweet stuffs. As you can see, the flavored sublingual melatonin lozenge is a very clever way to deliver melatonin on kids.

When looking for sublingual melatonin, it is advisable to choose those products that use Xylitol as sweetener. Xylitol is non-cariogenic and does not promote tooth decay. Some sublingual melatonin products use aspartame based sweeteners. Although aspartame is generally regarded as a safe product, there are concerns about its long term side effects. In my opinion it is better to look for sublingual melatonin that uses Xylitol or Stevia as sweeter.

Sublingual melatonin will deliver its full dose of melatonin in a few minutes. While this maybe good if you want to sleep faster, some people will prefer the continuous delivery of melatonin all throughout the night. Continuous delivery of melatonin will result in less awakenings and a better quality of sleep. If you prefer continuous delivery of melatonin, you should try those Sustained Release Melatonin Tablets or Sustained Release Melatonin Capsules. Keep in mind that melatonin side effects will always be the same regardless of the way it is delivered.

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