The benefits of using melatonin pills and melatonin capsules

Melatonin is a kind of hormone that is produced in the pineal gland in all mammals including human beings. The pineal gland is a tiny organ that is sensitive to light. This is located in the brain which will secrete melatonin only when darkness occurs. People begin to produce melatonin as early as three months old. Melatonin production will increase until the age of twenty and then its production will start to decline. Melatonin can affect some processes in humans like sleep and temperature. This also appears to play a role in promoting growth and maturity. Low melatonin levels in humans are associated with some seizure disorders, fibromyalgia, insomnia, depression and other conditions.

The Benefits and Uses of Melatonin Supplements

In America, melatonin is used in conjunction with different conditions which include sleep disturbances which are often associated with jet lag. Even if melatonin is not recognized as a prescription drug, melatonin has been given a special designation from the Food and Drug Administration of the United States as an orphan drug. This may have limited use such as in the case of the treatment for an uncommon disease or disorder. Melatonin is used in blind people who are suffering from sleep disturbances due to the interruption in their daily rhythm. As a result, melatonin can be bought without the need for prescription.

For many years now, melatonin has been extensively studied for use in connection with the spread of some kinds of cancer. In animal studies, melatonin seems to prevent some forms of cancer from spreading as quickly as tumors which have not been treated yet. Similar results have also been seen in human studies. While melatonin appears to slow down the spread of cancerous tumors, additional research is necessary in order to provide any conclusive evidence that melatonin is really effective in fighting against cancer. For its use in connection with cancer, most frequently melatonin is injected into the muscle tissue. However, injectable melatonin is not available for use in America.

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