The Side Effects You Will Get from Consumption of Melatonin Supplements

Even if melatonin for sleep supplements have a lot of health benefits, one will not be able to rule out the potential melatonin side effects which it may result to. The key problem regarding this supplement is the fact that it has not been regulated by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States of America. Hence, the benefits and even the safety of this hormone supplement are not yet proven. There are times when this supplement is combined with other ingredients which could lead result to the development of some types of melatonin side effects. It is for this reason that it is very essential to buy melatonin supplements only from a reliable source. Some common side effects are confusion, dizziness and headache. There are also people who will experience sleepiness during the day as well as weakness after intake of melatonin supplement. This may be due to excessive melatonin dosage. Furthermore, there are also individuals who complained of having nightmares or vivid dreams while they are sleeping. Aside from these, consuming these supplements will also lead to problems such as fatigue and high blood pressure. Thus, it is best for those who have underlying medical conditions not to use this supplement to avoid occurrence of severe side effects.

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